Leaperr is (still) a stealth mode startup, 
Developing an innovative and disruptive technology that will revolutionize interior design & home styling markets
Leaperr does exactly what you need and more
Leaperr generates instant interior design images
Leaperr offers numerous different options

The things Leaperr does

Leaperr makes interior design an easy , fun, accessible and achievable to all.
For now we can only let you have some small sneak peeks of what Leaperr will be able to do. Sorry, but we promise to tell more real soon.

Who will really enjoy using Leaperr ?

Leaperr makes it easier to sell or rent houses and apartments quickly and easily.
You Will
If you live somewhere and consider to redesign or renovate your place, whether a house apartment or a single room, Leaperr will be your best assistant and help you designing the interior looks of your space.
Real estate market
Leaperr will make selling renting or buying a real estate asset easier. Both buyers and sellers will be able to see the full potential of the asset, making their commercial decision easier and with greater confidence than ever.
Interior designers
Leaperr will become interior designer's best friend. Once you know it, you will never ever let go. Leaperr can support and assists interior designers in their daily work and increases potential income.

Latest Blogs & News

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Leaperr lets you design your home quickly, beautifully, according to your own taste, preferences and budget with no previous know how.
Coming soon...