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What is Leaperr?

Leaperr is an interior designer based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Leaperr designs any interior space, by itself, within seconds. The design is custom-made, personalized to your needs. Leaperr generates interior designs that look like realistic photos. You get several designs within seconds, all generated solely by a computer, as if it was a human interior designer. Leaperr has developed a cutting-edge technology based on AI, deep learning, image processing as well as advanced algorithms. Leaperr’s unique algorithms capture user’s needs & constraints and then take them into consideration. Leaperr makes the interior design process so simple, easy, quick and even fun that can be done by…. anyone. Use the Leaperr app on mobile or use the desktop version. Leaperr’s technology is patent pending.


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Can you be a designer?

Yes! Using Leaper is very easy. Wish to re design you leaving room? All you need to do is to download the app for mobile phone or using the desktop version. Just take a picture of your interior space (room), the one you wish to design and… that’s it. All you need is to press “Go” and within seconds you will receive various photos of your interior space! with brand new designs. Leaperr will give you several designs you can choose from.  Furthermore, Leaperr will generate endless designs till you find the one you like!

Interior Design

Interior design is about enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people within the space. Interior designer plans, researches, coordinates, and manages the design project. Interior design includes conceptual development, space planning, programming, construction management, and execution of the design. Interior design is about how people experience spaces. It’s a powerful, essential part of our daily lives.

Interior design affects the way we live and the way we experience life. Interior design also makes comfortable homes, functional workplaces, beautiful public spaces and more. Designers craft spaces and appeal to emotions. Interior designers work with contractors, architects, engineers, craftsmen, furniture dealers and home owners. Successful interior designer needs both education and the skills in order to work within many disciplines as architecture, graphic design,  decorative arts ,textile, furniture, lighting and more.

Leaperr is not just another interior design alternative, but rather a game-changing
interior-design paradigm whose time has come!

Our Team

Gil Admoni



Yiftach Richter



Gil Raz


Chief System Architect

Leaperr assists you in the interior design process

Interior design process is complex: time-consuming, long and expensive. When getting into this process you need to allocate a budget, find someone to do the design for you. Then you need to figure out the idea, so you will be able to visualize how the space is going to look like. You will also need to estimate the costs of the different ingredients, components, professionals needed, length of time….. And even more. However, if you are good enough, do it yourself! 

With Leaperr, you can actually see how the various different designs of your space will look like, and you see it in real time. There is no expense, no time spending, no hassle, and…. We give you a very close estimate of the total price. Then, you decide, if it’s good for you or not. Leaperr resolves most of the difficulties and complexities of the process. Using the first creative computer system, Leaperr creates instant, various, different designs of the required space. Leaperr requires no special skills, the process is free and visual outcome is immediate. The design are “photo like images” so it’s very easy to understand how the space will look like once the project is completed.


All the designs below were done by Leaperr's system within seconds, without any assistance of human interior designer!

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