The difficult decision of Renovating and designing your home

When thinking of renovating a house or apartment the aspiration is that all desires, needs and the fantasies will come. Any one that wishes to renovate and redesign a home needs to make more than few decisions and taking those decisions especially on the things closest to us as home, finally and so on turns up to be more difficult than we would imagine. Starting with the fear of error, humans are afraid to fail and there are always the fears of making bad choices and disappointing ourselves and our love ones. The process requires choosing an interior designer, a contractor, the right design, the budget, storage space, size of the spaces and more. Uncertainty In addition to absence of experience and the difficulty to visualize the results makes it hard to decide on renovating and redesign our homes.
Most people are not experienced in reading design programs and on top have the difficulty to visualize the 2D plans in the 3D real context. At the same time, the process of work is not always understood in advance. Statistics shows that about 85% of renovators do not finish the renovation on time. 20% of renovators exceed budget allocated for renovation.
Their wishes and needs, it was decided to a larger renovation that took exactly the same time as the bathroom renovation only, and was completed
Precise planning combined with mass data analysis and the ability to choose from various different illustrated and visualized options of possible designs may contribute a great deal of peace and quiet to anyone thinking of renovation , not to mention substantially reduce costs.
That is was Leaperr is aiming to do and there is soon more to come.

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