Ways to Stay sane and survive interior design & Home renovations

Renovations can be a major headache and they’re certainly a challenging time to be living at home.  Although many have survived remodels  as other will do in the future , it is still a challenging period  for most people.

In order to handle renovation and home design without losing your mind or your spouse,
some action better be taken prior to the launch of the project.

Build a Survival Plan

Move out: homeowners and pets better stay away from the construction area. It’s better to move out and live somewhere else while the work goes on. Pack like you’re moving. Wrap and store belongings in boxes. Construction dust gets on them and its nightmare to clean. Smaller renovations can overcome the need to move. Than it’s ok to stay at home and seal off dust-free areas.
Empty the house: it’s better if the house is clean and empty before the remodel begins. It’s a great opportunity to get rid of old useless things.
Protect what you keep: floors that are not being replaced better be covered so they don’t get scratched, carpets need to be sealed, hardware in the work zone should be carefully stored or protected if stays in place.
Build a winning team: Assemble a renovation design team. Find great Architect and or interior designer. Hire people you can trust than let them do their jobs without micromanaging.
Commit: you must commit to the project fully by being available to answer questions and go on regular site visits. Always keep in mind that the best results come from great collaborations and positive dynamics.
Plan and stick to the schedule: Do as much planning as possible before construction begins; try not to change your mind once you’ve committed to decisions.
Save some extra cash: As with most things in life, unexpected often pops up. Plan to spend at least an additional ten percent of the construction budget on contingencies. If some how you end up not spending that money, consider it a bonus for great execution.

If you’ve ever lived through a remodel or a home renovation, you need to know that patience can run thin, money can run scarce, and drama can run high,
Yet in most cases the end result is worth it!
If you have yet to experience the ups and downs of having a large amount of work done on the home you hold sacred, you’re in store for an adventure.

Do not in any way , let it catch you off guard!

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