This is Leaperr

Leaperr – Autonomous AI Interior design system

Leaperr is a computerized autonomous AI system capable of designing interior spaces without a need for a human designer.

An autonomous AI Interior design system

Leaperr uses state-of-the-art, deep-Learning, Image-Processing algorithms and stochastic methods allowing it to generate multiple unique designs

of any given space within minutes, turning interior designing into a simple, easy & quick process.
22% of US populations (70M) renovate their homes every year, most with a need for interior designing support.

By 2022 global interior design market will reach $18B while Home décor market will reach $855B.

Every year $330B are spent in the USA alone on home remodeling & improvement.

Market of interior design & home remodeling services is expected to increase over the next years.
Leaperr’s unique algorithm captures user’s needs & preferences, space structure & other constrains.

It instantly creates various personalized interior designs for any given space.

Leaperr demonstrates the full visual potential of spaces, enabling customers to have an actual view of the design in a “photo like” image even of most abstract design plans.

Leaperr saves time, money, and simplifies the process of interior design for everyone.

Leaperr simplifies the process of interior design for everyone; it saves both time & money and is the only system that generates autonomous interior designs, quick, easy, cheap and fully visual.

Soon on Apple store and Goggle play


  1. IRchitect

    Articles that contain so many buzzwords always make me think twice.
    Hope this isn’t another flop.

  2. Kiran

    Great post, Very useful information have shared.

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