Leaperr, real estate and Proptech

Leaperr is a personal home styling & design assistant. It utilizes AI & deep learning to analyze millions of designs making. As a result , it is capable of autonomously generating professional interior designs. Leaperr functions as an artificial interior designer making it a valuable assistant to anyone shopping for furniture or other designed items. Leaperr can design spaces itself, search for suitable components (furniture, home décor etc.) choose the best design fitting items for any given space and generate illustrations of the space in seconds.

Most real estate assets to go “on the market” are presented empty – no furniture, no art, nothing. Just walls and empty space. For someone wishing to rent or buy this asset it’s hard to imagine how it can or may look like once designed. Most people find it hard to visualize what they can’t see. That why some realtors pay for home staging. They design and furnish the assets until a deal is made and then take everything out. But that is both hard and expensive, so it only fits high end expensive assets.

Leaperr enables just that, but better.

It generates a custom-made virtual design, one the fits the need of a specific client personalized to their needs, in no time. All the client needs to do is take one photo of the asset (or even use one they find on a real estate marketplace, answer a short quiz and an image of that space, in an illustrated image, designed to their needs. Customer get to have an image view of the asset as if already designed making the decision whether to buy or rent, easy, quick and immediate. No risk m no insecurity – you see the asset as it will look like one you move in.

Leaperr can be a real game changer when it comes to real estate market.

No special skills required. The realistic visual images generated by Leaperr enable visual certainty and clarity as to the future looks of the assets.